How To Clean Mixer Grinder Body

Mixer grinders are essential in the home kitchen, but like any other machine, they can become dirty and need to be cleaned. Follow these steps to clean your mixer grinder body:

1. Remove the burrs and grinder disc.
2. Pour a pot of hot water onto the grinder body and let it soak for a few minutes.
3. Remove the soaked grinder body from the hot water and place it on a clean towel.
4. Rub the grinder body with a clean cloth until the cloth is clean.
5. Put the grinder disc back on and replace the burrs.
6. Put the grinder body back into the mixer grinder.

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How to Clean Mixer Grinder Body: A Step

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Mixer Grinder Body Care:

Before starting, make sure all utensils and surfaces that will come in contact with the mixer grinder are clean. This includes the blades, body, and even the work area.

The first step is to remove any visible debris with a damp cloth. Next, use a dry cloth to clean all surfaces. Finally, use a disinfectant cleaner to sanitize the entire machine. Make sure to wait until the machine is completely dry before using it again.


Mixer grinder body cleaning is essential to prolong the life of your appliance. Here are four easy steps to follow to keep your mixer grinder running smoothly:

1. Remove the grinder parts one at a time, using a flat-head screwdriver. Be sure to place the parts in a bowl of warm, soapy water before cleaning.

2. Make a small indent in the metal using your fingers. Pour a small amount of baking soda on top of the metal, and use a steel wool pad to scrub the metal in circular motions.

3. Pour a cup of white vinegar into a spray bottle and mist the grinder body and parts.

4. Rinse the grinder parts and towel dry. Place the parts back in the grinder and turn it on to the highest speed. Be sure to wear safety glasses while using the mixer grinder.

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Tips for Cleaning Your Mixer Grinder Body
Quick and Easy Ways to Clean Your Mixer Grinder Body
The Best Way to Clean Your Mixer Grinder Body
How to Keep Your Mixer Grinder Body Clean

  1. Remove all materials from the grinder body.
  2. Place the grinder body in a large container.
  3. Pour a pot of hot water onto the grinder body.
  4. Add a mild dishwashing liquid and mix well.
  5. Soak the grinder body for 15 minutes.
  6. Rinse the grinder body with fresh water.
  7. Dry the grinder body with a cloth.


Mixer grinder bodies can become clogged with food and other debris. If the grinder is not cleaned regularly, the buildup of debris can cause the machine to stop working or to produce poor-quality flour. Follow these simple steps to clean a mixer grinder body:

1. Remove the cover and remove the grinder blade.
2. Wipe down the grinder body with a cloth or a damp cloth.
3. Remove any food or debris that has collected on the grinder blade.
4. Wet the cloth or the damp cloth and wipe the grinder blade clean.
5. Replace the grinder blade and cover.

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